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The Smarter Weigh program was designed to break the complex weight management treatment into simple terms for a regular person to understand.  The program has some core principles, but it addresses everyone’s unique weight management obstacles.  The program is designed to teach a person how their body reacts to weight changes and how the body works, and they will learn how to manage their own unique challenges to weight management. The Smarter Weigh is divided into education modules covering about twelve to eighteen weeks.  Modules detail food journaling, fasting, management of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, and supplements.  The program further covers healthy physical activity, meal planning, and gut health.  Successful people will set realistic weight goals based on improved body function and overall health.  The program will teach people to manage their own eating, physical activity, and medications to see long-term results.


While all four pillars of the Smarter Weigh program weight management are important, the nutrition component is critical to success.  Most people get their weight management nutrition advice from fad diets, food advertisements, and the internet.  Quality nutrition science can be hard to come by and difficult to understand.  At Blue Ridge Weight and Wellness, we rely on medical science and years of experience helping patients successfully manage their weight.  While each patient’s program recommendations are unique to their metabolism, body composition, and medical issues, we follow the core nutrition principles of low-glycemic eating, managing macronutrients, and intermittent fasting to optimize the weight loss cycle.  Where appropriate, we incorporate nutritionists and wellness coaching to keep patients on track.  At Blue Ridge Weight and Wellness, there are no quick fixes, crash diets, or expensive meal replacements, only sound nutrition to fuel healthy weight management.


In a weight management cycle, physical activity is one of the least understood components.  While there is plenty of fad exercise plans and expensive equipment, none takes the place of consistent activity, the right mix of muscle-stimulating and aerobic workouts, and adequate sleep.  Many patients completely overlook sleep as a necessary physical activity in a weight management cycle.  At Blue Ridge Weight and Wellness, we strive to keep physical activity recommendations within physical limitations, including cardiac and orthopedic health.  Where appropriate, we use physical therapy specialists to make healthy physical activity plans to optimize muscular and cardiac conditioning while minimizing the risk of injury.


A healthy and positive attitude is essential for any weight management program.  At Blue Ridge Weight and Wellness, we focus on cognitive behavioral techniques to keep weight management in a healthy perspective.  Many people that struggle with weight also struggle with poor self-image and use food as therapy instead of nourishment.  We teach sound behavioral techniques to turn negative thought processes into helpful ones and maintain a positive and relaxed attitude toward weight management.  Where appropriate, we use the help of mental health professionals to address more complex mental health issues related to weight management.


The world of supplements and meal replacements is a billion-dollar business every year. There is always a new fad product promising to accelerate a weight-loss cycle. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts in the science of weight management. Indeed, prescription medications and nutritional supplements meet specific needs in a weight management cycle. At Blue Ridge Weight and Wellness, we cut through the hype and advertisement to get down to the real nutrition. While the Smarter Weigh program is not centered around any specific weight loss product, we recommend the Thorne nutritional supplement product line for its quality, purity, and transparency in product manufacturing. You can count on us at Blue Ridge Weight and Wellness to put your health first in any nutritional supplement recommendation.