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Blue Ridge Weight and Wellness

Blue Ridge Weight and Wellness is a physician-supervised weight management practice. Patients enjoy one-on-one visits with a board-certified weight management physician and a certified health and wellness coach to achieve real progress. At Blue Ridge Weight and wellness, your weight loss journey is supervised and driven by healthy body composition. We combine sound nutritional advice using real food and prescription compounded weight loss medication to teach fundamental principles of weight loss.
Our program, The Smarter Weigh, was developed by our doctor over years of patient weight management, focusing on techniques that achieve sustainable, healthy body composition and weight loss. Each person has a unique medical and metabolic history, which must be incorporated into a weight management program. We work together with each patient to craft a lifestyle, nutrition, and medication program for long-term success. Physician-managed medical weight loss is the safest and most successful way to lose weight and learn how to keep it off for good. The consultation with detailed body composition is free, and you have nothing to lose (but weight) in giving our practice an honest look.

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Why Choose Blue Ridge?

It Works – Simple, fast, and affordable. Most of our clients have tried a number of other diets or weight loss programs and have not gotten the results.

Medically Based – We first analyze your health assessment and then provide you with a weight management program based on your individual health conditions.

Hunger – Most other weight loss programs fail because you get hungry. We have developed special food supplements that will keep you feeling full and not hungry while you are eating real foods on a balanced diet. A third-party market research study, from Darnstetter Research, recently studied 100 of the company’s patents, and out of the 100 patients, over 90% stated they loved our program because they lost weight each week and they did not get hungry while losing weight.

Support – We give you professional support each step of the way. We understand the unique challenges you may be faced with when trying to lose weight on your own. That’s why we offer a team of medical professionals and weight loss specialists to guide you through your weight loss journey. Call us at 828-550-6814 for a free consultation.